Maika: The Girl From Another Galaxy is More than a Charming Tribute to Speilberg

6 May

MaikaPlaying at the LAAPFF 2022 at the Directors Guild of America on May 7, 2022 12:15 pm (buy tickets)

Maika: The Girl From Another Galaxy is a fun Vietnamese movie that will be very familiar to anyone who knows Steven Spielberg’s work. It’s not meant to be thoughtful, but instead has fun with the boy meets alien girl concept. It’s also considered this country’s first family friendly created content that’s playing at specific film festivals before a wider release.

The story focuses on how Hung (Phu Truong) is having a rough go at life. He’s lost his mom to cancer and alhough that was over a year ago, his father doesn’t understand his boy. He tries to make ends meet to support them both.

I found the tale deliciously engaging because of the Asian perspective on why family bonds matter. Writer/director Hàm Trần is also borrowing from CJ7, made by Stephen Chow, because the humour is more reflective of this Chinese director’s work. While this story is hardly original, I found myself fully hooked because of the chemistry between the lead and possible love interest. Ultimately, it’s about Hung dealing with loss, and an alien showing him how to move on. That’s the charm, and I’d watch this film again in a heartbeat.

4 Stars out of 5

Maika Trailer

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