How to Enjoy Halloween 2021 Knowledge Kids Style!

16 Oct

halloween posterBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

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Halloween’s nearly here and quite often, there’s something to fear because not all forms of entertainment are tailored for young ones to enjoy. Knowledge Kids has fixed that with a specially curated run of fun that’s no doubt going to be educational too.

Some select shows worth noting are Molang: “The Ghosts’ Castle, Haunted House, and The Pumpkin”; Kate & Mim-Mim: Lil’ Boo and Kiva Can Do! (Can Boo), two Dragon episodes (not from the How to Train your Dragon series) and with The Monster Halloween. Furry-mania took over this list with Clifford the Big Red Dog and Paw Patrol. There’s more than a handful of episodes that’s tailored for the each. Of the former, there’s “The Halloween Costume Crisis” and “Clifford’s Howl-O-ween.” Of the latter, there’s “Pups and the Ghost Pirate,” “Save the Trick” and “Treaters and The Werepuppy.”

Room on the Broom (TV Movie 2012) - IMDbThe most notable for this selection is Room on the Broom. This piece based on the book of the same name is narrated by Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Star Trek) and he provides and effable charm about a Witch (Gillian Anderson, X-Files) taking on more familiars that her broom can’t handle. It’s a joyful piece that is hard to pass up.

For other monster type fun, there’s also Xavier Riddle whom he meets Mary Shelly.  Usually one-offs are not enough, and The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog has a familiar Scooby-Doo early series type of tone to enjoy! The most notable are “The Phantom Footprints,” and “The Glowing Eyes.”

In Wild Kratts, watching Chris and Martin explain the origins of the season is a fine way to learn what the day is all about with their “Halloween Special” and if that’s all we need to cure our fear of the unknown, this episode is it!

Room on the Broom Trailer

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