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Fall Lineup
Beginning Sept 6, 2021

Knowledge NetworkPaw Patrol (season 8)


In season 8 of the global hit, Ryder and his pack of rescue pups find new ways to work together to help the citizens of Adventure Bay. They use reasoning, teamwork and just the right high-tech vehicle to analyse the situation, come up with a plan and work together to accomplish their goals.

Knowledge Network

Gus the Itsy Bitsy Knight


Small in stature but big in courage and kindness, Gus is ready for action in this new animated series. Set in medieval times with a modern twist, it follows the diminutive knight as he pursues adventures on his electric pony. Gus’s world includes fellow knights, princesses and the big guy, Daddy King, along with rascals like Stinky-Dragons, Warticious, the Shadow Knight and his naughty Knight-Knights. Although Gus’ quests rarely go as planned, he’s sure to learn plenty of life lessons along the way!

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Elinor Wonders Why


Elinor is a curious little bunny. When she encounters something she doesn’t understand, she can’t let it go until she figures it out! With the help of her friends Ari, an imaginative bat, and Olive, a perceptive elephant, there’s lots to learn and explore in Animal Town – like the best way to engineer a pillow fort and why Ari’s Velcro watch strap only sticks to certain things. Engaging and fun, the series encourages children to follow their curiosity, ask questions and find answers using science enquiry skills.

Knowledge Network

ABC with Kenny G


Fans of the award-winning Canadian series 16 Hudson will recognize the star of these swinging little animated shorts – the grumpy cat Kensington, who seems unimpressed by all the daytime shenanigans in the neighbourhood. But when night falls and the humans go to bed, Kensington (or rather his alter-ego Kenny G) comes to life. He rounds up a bunch of animal buddies and slinks down to the basement boiler room – home to the local “milk & cookies” jazz club. There, he croons late-night ABC songs (L is for lazy lobsters, leaping lemurs and lively loons) to his grooving groupies. Now that is one cool cat!

Knowledge Network

Dog Loves Books


Forget about bones – there’s nothing these two dogs like better than chewing on a good book. (Thankfully not in a literal sense!) Dog is cool, calm and unflappable – a dog of few words. Pug is enthusiastic, flappable and very, very chatty. They may be opposites, but the two best pals share a love of stories. When Dog’s bookshop closes for the day, he picks up a book from the shelves and then he and Pug are off on an exciting, imaginative adventure. Whimsical and humorous, the series aims to foster interest in reading, especially among young boys.

Knowledge Network

Let’s Go Luna (new episodes)


Andy, Carmen and Leo travel the world with their parent’s circus (Circo Fabuloso), learning about new countries and meeting new people In the new season of this Socials Studies -themed series, they visit Iceland and India, the United States, Ghana in Africa, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Polynesia, Mexico, Scotland, China, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Jamaica and England. Explore traditions, music, food, ceremonies, legends and sea monster sightings!

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Geronimo Stilton


Adventure-comedy based on the globally-popular book series featuring the adventures of the most famous mouse journalist Geronimo and his fearless nephew Benjamin and sister Thea.

Knowledge Network

Clifford the Big Red Dog (new episodes)


Emily Elizabeth and her big red dog, Clifford, along with Pablo, Jack and Samantha, explore their island home, lending a paw to neighbours in need. Each episode has an original song. Based on the popular Scholastic books, this new series is a reboot of the 90s classic.

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