Has ‘Kingdom’ Come with BiSH’ separate “Stacking” Music Video Release?

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By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

In addition to BiSH’s song being used in the newest premiere of the anime Kingdom (available to stream on Funamation), the musical sensation has released their single, “Stacking,” for fans wanting to simply hear it or see as a music video!

Their sound and style certainly highlights the energetic nature of the series. I’m more happy their work is not tied to or reliant on any anime’s popularity as I simply enjoy J-pop without its anime connections. The literal translation of the song’s lyrics reveals hurt feelings boiling within one’s soul, which may be a part of what the anime is about. In what’s different in the music video is the singers looking trapped and wandering what looks like the streets of San Francisco circa 1900, with Japan Town as the destination. It’s backdrop and the band highlights the group as though they are fashion models living in the Paris of the West and, of course, dancing in the streets.

The video is directed by Masaki Okita, whose numerous previous BiSH videos include ‘Orchestra’ and ‘Life is Beautiful’. The video for ‘STACKiNG’ offers a nostalgic trip to a past version of Japan, with the members of BiSH wearing a variety of beautiful period outfits and locations.

A complete list to where to find this song online can be found by following this landing page.

Album Release Notes:

The limited edition first print of BiSH’s fourth major-label album ‘GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON’, will be available soon. This release includes the making of the ‘STACKiNG’ music video, and commentary. Additional behind-the-scenes footage includes exploring the production design of this work.

More details can be found on BiSH’s official website. (note: Japanese language only)

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