Presenting We Want to Believe’s Bigfoot Hunt in Full

Whether Bigfoot is around or not, I suspect the team will have to make a return search.

nullBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The Search for Bigfoot has no end in sight in We Want to Believe.’s channel rebranded as The Paranormal Network some time ago, and after so many episodes of this type of content, perhaps they need a Cryptoid channel too? 

Jason Hewlett, Chris Bose, Shawn Knippelberg, and Peter Renn (who is finally in this latest arc) are part of the team looking for the seminal beast and using everything from a baby’s cry to a spirit box in an attempt to contact him (or her). They got something, but as for what it is exactly, we’ll never know. Bose’s narrative been a lot more compelling throughout this arc because he connects this giant to his aboriginal heritage (the Secwepemc). He talks about them with great respect, not only as spirits of the land, but also in regards to others–the mimics–who can pretend to be like us or anything we can imagine. They are not the type from Dungeons and Dragons lore, but instead are tricksters if I’m understanding him correctly. They’re known as C’eweneytmx. These entities like to play with us. He also smudges the area so no bad energies will follow the team as they go looking for signs of a Sasquatch late at night.

As for whether the team found a force freely roaming there, it’s always difficult to say. Also, not everyone has the ear to hear words from a Spirit Box. I’m skeptical of whether these devices are valid means to communicate with the paranormal (they’re definitely not designed to speak to animals) since the sounds coming out of it are truly random.

The team didn’t mention plans to figure out who Robert or Paul or Reece is–names from that noise maker Renn decided to bring out to try in the middle of nowhere.

My guess is that maybe somewhere off, further away, is a lone cabin in the woods, with a CB radio. Or maybe there are other campers nearby with a communications device should they need to call for help (i.e. they really are lost). I’m more curious if the team may have contacted dead spirits from long ago who never got a chance to leave these woods. This episode didn’t mention if other folks have gotten themselves lost in these woods long ago. There’s some plot holes to fill if this hunt is supposed to have a narrative arc to fulfill.

Whether Bigfoot is around or not, I suspect the team will have to make a return search. Or, they should talk to the Expedition Bigfoot team about using their advanced Sasquatch location software to figure out when it’s best to return. 

Author: Ed Sum

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