On How It’s Best Not to Get Lost In “The Tangle”

This film is more of a detective story than a hard boiled crime investigation

downloadBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

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Big Brother watches over everything, and records every action people do in The Tangle. Just how they manage to record everything is with nanotechnology and micro drones! This chilling world is a well crafted Orwellian style look at what could be in our reality, and thankfully the film by actor / filmmaker Christopher Soren Kelly in his directorial debut in a feature length work knows a few boundaries that should not be crossed… or does it?

That various technologies employed to keep track of people include S.O.L. (Secure OnTangle Line), a quantum encrypted hard drive implanted in the brain of many. The purpose for all this monitoring is to prevent people from committing murder. This is the future of Los Angeles after all. More people are able to live that life they want in a virtual world known as Xanadu.

When a field agent of the Army of Simply Purity) field agent Margot Foster (Mary Jane Wells) is murdered, the first in California in three years, the culprit must be found! The main suspect is Carter Carmine (Joshua Bitton), a private detective, who used to work with this military force and he’s the only person who disentangled himself from this organization since he knows the nuts and bolts of how they work. Plus, the players in this cat and mouse game are the folks who created The Tangle.

There’s some brilliant dialogue to make this film a must watch. The delivery from the actors could use more work, as this film is mix of a detective story and a hard boiled interrogation. When considering this movie is one shot on a typical modest budget, the money was spent to firmly establish the future and get the set design right. The latter is perfectly noir and the retro use of technology from the 1960’s gives the look of this film a vibe I highly approve of!

In what the movie needs done is to up the action. It’s very talkative and my advice to see this film is with a bourbon and a cigar. It’ll be needed, so you can feel like you’re part of the world more than not.

3½ Stars out of 5

Author: Ed Sum

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