In the Hall of the Mountain King with LEGO NInjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

After watching this latest Ninjago season, it’ll be up to the Ninjas to unite the people to bring villainy down. The spirit of LEGO is never far.

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Television networks in North America are very behind in keeping pace with the animated LEGO Ninjago property. In Asia, Master of the Mountain, season thirteen of the Masters of Spinjitzu series, is now available. It may well head west, to broadcast in Europe next before crossing the Atlantic for the Americas.

In SDCC@Home’s programming lineup, I hoped the LEGO Company would make some mention. No recent announcements were made since season twelve is now broadcasting in the States. Whatever the reason is for the delay, fans will have to wait or subscribe to  foreign streaming sites to watch this latest chapter.

The series is showing no signs of slowing down. A new direction for the boys (and girl) in red, white, green, blue and black is to see them leave the Ninjago kingdom and explore another. Perhaps this time much further away. They’ve done the trip to other dimensions enough times. These other realms are simply representations of other cultures or are aspects of the paranormal.

LEGO NInjago Cole on Fire

One continent over is the rocky country of Shintaro, and the ninjas got an invitation to Princess Vania’s birthday. as soon as the ninjas arrive, trouble is afoot. This series focus is now on Cole. During this adventure, he meets a gnome-like creature who has a piece of jewelry which once belonged to his mom. The mystery of why he possesses it is afoot, and soon the entire gang discovers there’s more to King Vangelis than meets the eye. The story is familiar, perhaps borrowing from the Star Trek episode, “The Cloud Minders.”

After tossing in a few Masters of the Universe references, like the Skull Sorcerer whose master plan is to take over the world, of course it’ll be the ninja to save the day. This villain possesses the Remains of Hazza D’ur, a mage from the times of the first masters. He built the cave dungeons and together, the two enslaved the Munce and Geckles to mine the rock that is like kryptonite when used against the ninjas.

LEGO NInjago - Visiting the Cloud Kingdom of Shintaro

Lloyd and team have a vested interest in putting a stop to this operation. As for who are their staunch allies, it won’t be easy to tell. Cole meets other explorers, and it’s hilarious to see this season pay tribute to Dungeons and Dragons. The situation the Ninjas find themselves in is classic TSR Games material.

The series’ continued approach to explore each ninja’s individual heroes’ quest per season is ending and it’s about time Cole gets the spotlight. And although I’m particularly liking his backstory much more than others, hopefully who will be looked at nest is anybody’s guess. Zane’s is my second favourite, and unless Nya is next, perhaps there’s no new tale to tell.

The Masters of Spinjitzu series may not be at an end. It took more than three seasons to find its footing. As long as there are threats to divide the world (I’m begging for a Cthulhu to invade this realm personally), it’ll be up to the Ninjas to unite the people to bring villainy down. The spirit of LEGO is never far.


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