Don’t Walk Away from this Documentary on Who Farted?

Who Farted? The world's first climate change documentary comedy. | The  Screening Room, 120 Princess St, Kingston | To Do Canada

World Broadcast Premiere

Documentary Channel
June 28, 2020
9:00pm ET/PT

Albert Nerenberg and Nik Sheehan‘s hilarious and insightful documentary shows cutting the cheese can be an art form. Who Farted? doesn’t always mean ill tidings. But, yes, it’s possible to destroy the world from unleashing too much gas into the environment.
All those questions people not wanting to ask about the origins of this needed bodily function are answered in detail. This ranges from learning how we generate this gas to its impact on society as a whole. The absurd is hilariously examined by visiting the World Fart Championships held in Utajärvi, Finland. But there’s more hard pressed concerns, which is primarily about whether or not Nature can handle all this methane and sulphur being unleashed–especially by cows. That is, are we headed towards global warming?

It’s not easy to hold it in when you know a fart is ready to erupt. Just how a person politely excuses themselves varies from one culture to another. I found this segment very fascinating. The response varies, depending on who you ask.

Who Farted Picture Still

Nerenberg (pictured above) role in this film as host gives us a personal stake we can all relate to. He even talks to an English professor about how Satan’s fall from grace was a “fart” too! With the right thrust, I suppose it’s possible to get that lift needed so the wings function more like gliders as passing gas is a propellent to which many a winged humanoid uses to navigate around. Now why didn’t I learn this in Bible Studies in Summer Camp? I would have paid attention instead of playing Star Trek. Nearly all kids get a giggle when they blow one at an inopportune time.
Without the flora around the Earth to process the gas–a point not heavily examined in this documentary–I’m sure it’s easy to assume the planet Earth is less likely to become another Venus and more like Uranus in due time. That’s rarely good to look at.

4 Stars out of 5

Author: Ed Sum

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