Capital City Comic Con in Victoria, BC Postponed! and The Ongoing Covid Situation

capital_city_comicon_eventBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

With no surprise, Capital City Comic Con in Victoria, British Columbia, is postponed. Tickets will be honoured for those willing to wait and for wanting a refund are advised to contact Ticket Rocket at either 1-855-842-7575 (toll-free) or at

No new date is likely to be announced until the coronavirus situation is in control. This news follows in a huge string of announcements from major shows (Emerald City Comic Con, South by Southwest, Tribeca Film Festival and etc) that are not even local. With one case confirmed on the island, it’s enough reason for the organizers to act.

They also cited the Screen Actors Guild advising its members “that it would be in their best interest to cease flying for the foreseeable future.” Until the coronavirus threat is in control, nearly all events this month and perhaps next are not likely to take place.

All anyone craving to participate in some geekiness can do is wait, practice safe hygiene, and continue waiting. Just don’t be stupid if you feel mildly ill. Check your temperature and call a medical professional. Island health will be doing the testing and locals can phone for an appointment at 250-388-2200. Quarantine is important to prevent further spread of SARS-CoV-2 as it now known. Yes, it has mutated and may well be just as bad as the T-virus from Resident Evil.

The affected industries and fandom will survive. People’s lives are precious, no matter what the age and who you are. Nobody wants to be a carrier. With The Calgary Herald reporting a case in Calgary with a 4-year-old now affected, just how this virus is spreading is put into further question.

Perhaps it’s time to consider virtual conferences until the World Health Organization gets a better understanding of how this illness is getting out there. Until then, please use common sense if you’re still wanting to attend large scale or any public function. Wash your hands frequently! Soap and alcohol are the only known substances to put a stop to the infection.

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