Starry Starry Skies Productions’ Gets Buffie with this Vampyre Slayer Parody!

19 Oct

Sunset Labs
400 Herald Street
Victoria, BC

Remaining Shows:
Oct 19, 25 & 26, 7pm

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Not every television show from the 90s (or present) can pull off a musical without imitating another. Often, it explores the innermost problems of the protagonist(s) while the antagonist acts as a supernatural force to ‘assist.’ Joss Whedon‘s “Once More With Feeling” in Buffy the Vampire Slayer set a precedent for future producers to consider. Xena: Warrior Princess is very notable. From the past 10 years, The CW’s Supernatural saw the Winchester brothers happening on a stage show version of themselves. In The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, they had to sing as it helped them reveal hidden feelings to loved ones. ​Starry Starry Skies ProductionsBuffie the Vampyre Slayer Parody stays true to theme and also showcases the wonderful singing talents from the Capital region.

Buffie (Autumn Antonsen) thinks to continue life as a slayer is turning into quite the chore. To have a demon turn Sunnydale into a nonstop Broadway production can have some people screaming–but for the Scooby Gang, it’s a mystery needing to be solved before victims explode!

A new character–a demoness named Zence (Caroline Mackenzie de Korte)–is wonderfully meta and she must hail from Mystery Science Theater 3000; she is as zesty as Cryptkeeper since she is our guide to the chaos going on. She carefully notes that what we’re seeing is not a Buffy episode, but is Buffie–and in this alternate universe, vampyres are different (including the spelling of).


Giles (Steve Hansen Smythe) fatherly presence and Xander (Jon Hunwick) general awkwardness are bang on. Spike (Corin Burt Wrigley) is more like a pulp style action hero than goth vampire. The subplots include the relationship struggles between Willow (Chantelle Potter) and Tara (Andrea Eggenberger), the annoyances Anya (Victoria Callin) sees while living with Xander, and the feelings Buffie’s sister Dawn (Olivia Greaves) has as second fiddle before she becomes a victim in what’s to come. The associated musical numbers are all signature Broadway style fun.

To make the jazzy demon, Sweet (Taryn Yoneda) female proves she’s even more deadlier than Darby Mills (former lead singer of The Headpins). Both have a terrific vocal ranges to make the bebop pop . It’s not with “Don’t It;” it’s simply in “What You Feel” to reveal those innermost desires. “Dawn’s Ballet” is a standout as an interpretive dance since  it requires expressing those emotions from within. If that does not make the victims open up, Sweet’s other plans doesn’t include killer bunnies!

It’d be hilarious if the Rabbit (sadly, it’s not from Caerbannog) got an expanded role. He makes up part of the second musical number and perhaps he hopped off the stage. Although including animals would alter the direction, it’s still wishful thinking.

20191018_203429 (1)

L-R: Sweet (Taryn Yoneda) and Buffie (Autumn Antonsen)

I had to cackle at the use of the framed autograph of James Marsters as a prop. I assume it came from when he was in town for Capital City Comic Con (or it was from Fan Expo Vancouver). Hopefully ​Starry Starry Skies Productions will consider offering this musical comedy at either convention. It deserves to be seen by more people than the 60 something count per night in the shows remaining. Between this group, Launch Pad Productions and Paper Street Theatre, they have the gambit well covered and it’s generally known some of the performers in each troupe are nerds!

4 Stars out of 5

Full Cast List:

Buffie Anne Summers – Autumn Antonsen
Spike – Corin Bert Wingley
Sweet – Toryn Yoneda
Willow Rosenberg – Chantelle Potter
Tara Maclay – Andrea Eggenberger
Rupert Giles – Steve Hansen Smythe
Xander Harris – Jon Hunwick
Anya Jenkins – Victoria Collin
Dawn Summers – Olivia Greaves
Zence – Caroline Mackenzie de Korte
Vampire – Travis Stanley
Bob – Hilary Williams
Handsome Man / Burning Man – Liam Stevens
Police Man / Link / Pizza Delivery – Quinn Haberlin
Nectar Demons – Hilary Williams, Abbey Corpus, Liamm Stevens
Chorus – Nadine Cordery

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