Chinese Animated Nezha Arrives West in Select Cinemas!

26 Aug

Image result for nezha movie posterWell GO USA

The power of myth is strong in China; Nezha is a guardian deity who perhaps rivals the fame of the Monkey King. Both are household names, and the literature they hail from is the most studied. It’s a classical work which teaches prime virtues to which many folks from this country tend to follow.

In Journey to the West, this human fought the primate when he rebelled. They would later become friends. The 3D animated movie about the boy to become a god debuted early this year and it has been making huge waves as it looks to this man’s early days–demonized and not knowing his place in the world–before being the individual he is now.

This film is coming to North America beginning August 29th at select theatres. Cineplex Canada will screen this work in select theatres (click here for a list). In the States, distributor Well GO USA has not officially announced which theatre chain (AMC or Regal) will carry it when it begins Sept . The film is hot in its native country because everyone knows this legend.

For folks abroad, interest will be in how this seminal work is reinterpreted in the age of superheroes.

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