The Freemakers are Back in LEGO Star Wars: All Stars!

18 Dec

lego star wars the freemaker adventuresBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

* Spoiler Alert

The Freemakers are back! Well, sort of… time has passed since they joined the Resistance. Just when this story takes place is in the present, and Moxie Freemaker is the main protagonist of LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars.  The family makes appearances and we get an origin tale that is not convoluted. In these shorts, we also see Rowan making waves since meeting Luke in “The Power at Jakku.” Much has he become in the ways of the Force.

The shorts made its debut back in October as a series of shorts, and not everyone noticed. The longer 24-minute episodes have two tales and I’m in favour of these because the tales are meatier. They are a lot more enjoyable since it does not focus on Roger. They also help complete the roster of translating the diverse cast into LEGO mini-figure format. Although they are technically non-canon material, references to key moments in the series are made. Should this transition into casting real-life performers to play the animated characters, I would appreciate it. The shorts are being repeated on Disney XD, are available on Disney NOW (to cable tv subscribers) and freely available on YouTube. Altogether, they make for a terrific filler while waiting for the next live-action film.

Even the Star Wars: Rebels gets mentioned. In Episode Two, “It Gets Ugly.” Hera has to, much to her annoyance, hear a story from the droid Roger, who is still close to the Freemakers. He is the comedy relief of the saga. I can handle him more than Jar Jar. These episodes bring all the main characters from the Star Wars universe together in a montage series of flashbacks. This idea can make for a better Christmas special than, say the lamented program from decades ago. No holiday special is needed to bridge the generational gap; instead, it’s Roger meeting them all and recounting his adventure with them in his autobiography, From Trenches to Wrenches: The Roger Story.

Even K-2S0 can not lament. This series reminds us who is still alive by the time Episode IX rolls out. Disney / Lucasfilm is slowing down with the churning of new material. Until their specialty channel launches, All-Stars is currently the latest. We are seeing all the encounters up to and including the Battle of Crait.

I enjoy this series because it brings out the flavour of the LEGO brand (the humour) in addition to why Star Wars is special. Much like Ninjago, the vision Bill Motz and Bob Roth have is lightyears beyond the traditional Saturday morning cartoon material from long ago. They camaraderie they develop in their characters is always key to why I keep on gravitating to their works. If a season three is secretly being developed of The FreeMaker Adventures, I cannot wait to hear about what Rowan and Zandar have been up when considering Kordi’s “promotion.” A lot of time has certainly passed, and with Rowan around, his presence shows there is more than one Jedi around fighting the Empire.

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