A Survivor’s Guide to Fan Expo Vancouver 2018, SHUX & Beyond

11 Oct

215d2-fanexpovancouverBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

This weekend, Fan Expo Vancouver and SHUX 2018 will be taking place at the Vancouver Convention Center, and the venue is going to be super packed! Finding parking will no doubt be a nightmare for those coming in on the day of, but for those who have their hotels booked, the hope is that they have enough space to accommodate the influx of fandom to the harbour. For those coming into the former event new, the following advice is offered:

For FEV: The lower level is the exhibition space. Level one (ground floor) and two will host panels, and if past experience is any indication, the escalators are one way only. People bouncing back and forth floors will have to exit the venue to enter by the west side, not east. Plenty of dining options exist on the east side. For a broader look into what’s available, please look at last year’s dining guide.

SHUX will most likely see most of the venue’s floors filled with separate events. The hallway corridor might be a pain for those transitioning from this particular exhibitor space to private room events. Nobody is allowed to loiter long in the hallway.

As most seasoned con-goers will tell you, bring plenty of money. Cell phone usage inside the exhibitor is spotty at best.

Those who buy a lot will run out at some point and there are cash machines. When those run out of money, the nearest banks are located a few blocks away. CIBC is on the corner of West Pender and Burrard; HSBC is a block over, on 999 W. Hastings and The Bank of Canada a stone’s throw away at 200 Granville Street (unit #2710). These are the most convenient to reach without venturing far.

Another tip is to have your day pack contain the following:

  • hand sanitizer
  • dry food for snacking (& chewing gum)
  • water bottle
  • a good pair of blister-free spare socks to change mid-day
  • spare battery for smartphone & cable (alternatively, pen and notepad)
  • writing stylus

This list is a condensed version of Tips on Streamlining Your Convention Gear For Year-Round Fun! Just as important to have for those planning on spending is to bring an extra bag unless you like waiting in line for those oversized bags vendors give out (usually means you have to buy something first). Each convention will be different though, some offer small bags and others backpack sized.

Badge wearers may opt for a multipocketed retractable id holder for passports to keep everything vital in one spot than wearing it on a LANyard. These preferences can be customizable, but I find with over ten years of experience, streamlining all the papers and cards I collect into one unit is far handier than wondering where in my pants or coat pockets has everything gone!

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