Big Hero 6 Continues June 9th!

big-hero-6-premiere-date-detailsBy Ed Sum
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Just in case fans of Big Hero 6 have missed it, the weekend of June 9th is the date to mark on the calendar for the animated television series! This date was announced on EW. On Saturday, the kickoff will be with the first two episodes teased at from last year, and on Sunday, two new tales will continue on the same time slot.

Perhaps more will be known about the mystery man who is out to clone Baymax. Ever since this robot appeared on the scene, he’s proved to be very versatile.  The debut episode sets up the new setting for the series. Takashi is still dealing with the loss of his brother and is even more down in the dumps with Baymax gone.  Fred is trying to convince the group that the city needs them but to see them as a cohesive fighting team will require more than a few episodes to establish. This version of the Avengers feels like 0.5

I am excited for what’s to come. Plenty of adventures are in store building up to an I, Robot situation and if director Chris Williams can give some information for what’s to come when he speaks at Van Isle Con in Sidney, BC (the same weekend the series begins airing), I will post updates to this article. Usually, the film crew have no involvement in the continuing saga but they do get advance previews prior to airing.

The decision to convert to traditional 2D animation is an odd one. I can never get used to this particular change. It’s been done before, to mixed feelings. Turbo F.A.S.T. ‘s transition to a web series was an experiment gone wrong and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs the TV Series are diversions. Both are background fodder to have on which young minds can enjoy. I much prefer Dragons or Tangled the Series. At least those two have tales which are far more engaging.

I have hope the upcoming episodes will explore more about the world of San Fransokyo. The city has a lot to offer and it’s not necessarily built on rock and roll.

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