Riding Bean is Mounting a Comeback on Kickstarter!

21 May

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Fans of Kenichi Sonoda has been asking him for years if there will ever be a Riding Bean sequel and at long last, he’s off to the races to make it happen through crowdfunding. The Kickstarter page shows he is at the halfway point.

To make a full-length original animation video or movie cost a lot of money. To make a short is not beyond reason. His goal is to produce a five minute piece. Should support skyrocket they will give value back to the fans by extending the length of the work. A 24-minute production is not beyond reason, but to hire the talent and get back the cast to voice this production will require time and perhaps investment by other folks within the industry.

On the Kickstarter page, he wrote, “I also intend to prepare an art book featuring concept art, design, and a newly drawn original colour comic if possible. The animation, art book, and manga will be available in both Japanese and English. Additionally, the finished animation will be released on a Blu-ray.”

To see the entire gang—Riding Bean, Rally Vincent (as originally sketched in this work; she’s white than American-Indian), and Minnie May—together is implied. As for whether this will happen is uncertain at this stage. No story has been sketched out yet and the campaign is in its infancy. The wait will be approximately a year from now (sometimes longer, as most people are aware of the risks of a crowdfunding project). With this project being a worldwide call out, it’s almost safe to assume an English subtitle track will exist and the video release is region unlocked.

To stay updated on recent developments, please visit the Kickstarter project here.

To show your support, the link to the front page is here.

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