Bold Directions are in Store for Van Isle Con Year Two on June 10th!

Van Isle ConBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Van Isle Comic Con is back, and it promises to be bigger than last year’s. This event takes place on June 10th, 2018 and will take over the Mary Winspear Center up in Sidney, BC. This venue is not too far from the town core and this location is beautiful during a warm summer’s day. This event goes beyond simply comic books. It’s a look at popular culture in many of its forms, and this year it gets behind the scenes than in front of with the talent pool who is coming over to interact with fans. Plenty of activities will be offered not only on site but also off. For a quick bite, plenty of terrific eateries are nearby.

I talked to Josh Kully about what’s in store in Year Two. Support for island events is needed. Not everyone can afford to hit up the big shows on the mainland. These intimate events on Vancouver Island provide for a great change of pace, and who knows, maybe a celebrity can be spotted taking a break from filming. Getting to this township is easier for those coming from the mainland. It’s right next to the airport and ferry terminal. There’s a rumour one very loved Doctor Who star takes his breaks at Sidney by the Sea.

Will more rooms or space be opened since this event has more guests?

Yes, we have more space this year though we still expect it to be packed like it was last year. We have added another room and there will be a games room. There will be plenty of tables with fun tabletop games along with Used Victorias chill lounge that will supply a resting area, classic nintendo games and even a popcorn machine!

Van Isle Con

Who is on your guest line-up this year?

The most notable is Janeshia Adams-Ginyard, a key stunt woman for Black Panther and Infinity War. Chris Williams will be returning and new this year is Terry Lewis, who works behind the scenes in the film industry on films such as Deadpool 2, Warcraft, War for the Planet of the Apes and many more. We also have five published authors who will be sharing their knowledge with everyone—Julia Nobel, Whitney Gardner, Rebecca Sky, E. Latimar, and Tiffany Daune. Local talents Ken and Joan Steacy will be back again this year along with John Gallagher for our artist guests. The wonderful thing about our guests is they’re enthusiastic about being at the show.

What made you decide to go in a different direction of having behind-the-scenes production guests than performers?

I don’t know if it was conscious or if we did necessarily go in a different direction. For me, I want people at our show who are professional and interesting. They want to be here. If they happen to be an entertainer, that’s great, but the most important thing is that they are talented individuals who want to share. I am really proud of our line up.

With the City of Victoria having its own show and its own style, how would you describe Van Isle’s version?

It is great Victoria finally got its own show; it was much needed. Our show focuses on the talent and having fun. That is really the foundation of our event in simplest terms and I believe that is mostly every other show’s intention. But for us, we try to do things our way—march to the beat of our own drum I suppose. We have no intentions of trying to mimic the big fan expos.

Will there be more exhibitors and panels this year?

This year we have roughly the same count. The guests: Janeshia Adams-Ginyeard will be doing a presentation on being a stunt woman and her experience in Black Panther and Infinity War. Chris Williams will be back to talk about his 20 plus years working for Disney Studios. The writers will be doing a panel together. Even Terry Lewis and John Gallagher will be speaking! It is going to be a packed full day, so start planning your itinerary now.

When do you think this show might become a two-day event?

We have spoken about doing two days next year but it ultimately depends on how this year goes. If we feel it is necessary, then it will most likely happen. Although there are advantages to having a one-day event. Definitely, to the readership, please let us know how you all feel; we like to hear your thoughts.

What other comic book related events will be happening in the township of Sidney leading up to?

The Sidney Museum‘s Up, Up and Away exhibit is big. They have just opened it and wow, it looks great. Please make sure you support these events out in Sidney, BC. When you do, it will only get better. And I can tell you, a lot of people are putting in a lot of hard work into this stuff.

I hope everyone is excited about the show and we look forward to seeing you all there. It’s going to be an amazing event and with the help and support from everyone, I am sure next year will be great.

Author: Ed Sum

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