Tsukino Con by Night – Observations

12 Feb


On day two, Tsukino Con at night has the feel of being an entirely different show. It’s a nerd fiesta of adult’s only events and it’s not always about Japanese Animation. Rick and Morty fans can rejoice! Also on this list is the raunchy Swimsuit Showdown. Yes, this show requires bloopering out language and the craziness that goes on, but it’s the highlight of the second day. To hear the crowds bring the house down only shows how popular this event is. It has been running for at least 6 years. Newcomers can recognize who are regular attendees when everybody knows their name. Other panels like Whose Sassy Line is it Anime or The Room of Shame in this year’s event listing only had this reporter curious. To run around in a cold windy winter’s night was not my choice to discover everything, but it is a reason for why I should consider attending next year’s show.

For me, interest in watching cosplay, new anime or music videos during the day is limited. They’re staples for many a show and I’ve traveled far and wide so I’ve done the gambit. The variety of panels is dependent on the ideas applicants pitch. Overlap is inevitable. With this type of event, more people are keen to put on their favourite costume to and walk around in. As I was people watching, not everyone who was dressed up was a Japanese Animation character. Cat Noir from the cartoon Miraculous was seen walking around, Black Cat (not the one pictured below) from Marvel Comics graced the exhibit hall and a Stormtrooper did not try to stop anyone, inquiring about a droid.


Previous reports by James Shaw paint half the picture. He is right that to stay somewhere nearby is required. To catch the last bus out to home means you can not see how the late-night show ends.

The choice of quick snacks amusingly included instant cup of noodles and warning signs not to dump the concoctions down the washroom sinks.

The Elliott Building is used once again and I think it is not the ideal space for vending in the foyer. When crowds are standing around checking out the tables, trying to push past is tough without a loud excuse me to make people shift to one side. Using individual classrooms is better so vendors have room to decide how to display and show their merchandise. The Bob Martin and Engineering / Computer Science Building are simply perfect.

This event looks like it is comfortable with where it is now and does not need to grow beyond their britches. A few people revealed ideas I don’t see happening. A joint effort with the campus movie theatre requires months of planning. To have off-campus food vendors nearby is a no-no. To find a space on campus to host a dance, that’s tough.


This event brings out familiar faces to meet up once a year.  Concerns about how to get fresh blood do need to be considered. One regular attendee with a Wario cap (sorry, I didn’t get his name) announced taking a break for a year in the earlier mentioned show. The hope is that others don’t follow suit. His temporary departure may well upset the numbers.

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