The Vintage Tempest’s Top Picks on What to See at the 2018 Victoria Film Festival

The folks behind organizing the movies at the Victoria Film Festival (taking place Feb 2 to 11th) never fails to amaze with the diversity offered.

Asinnajaq’s THREE THOUSAND plays on Feb 4th

Shorts Program: BC

Weds | Feb 7 | 7:00PM | Odeon 5


Sun | Feb 4 | 9:00PM | The Vic

From animated shorts to documentaries, this 90-minute collection of works collects a plethora of talent to spotlight. Among the list includes rising filmmaker/animator Denver Jackson with The Wishing Jar, a beautifully illustrated work about a young girl chasing dreams and trying to catch a falling start with a Teddy Bear companion.

The National Film Board of Canada is well represented in this festival, with full-length documentaries and brief interludes. Shop Class is a very humorous piece which looks at the hurdles a young teen has to face to make the grade. This author does not have to relate as I loved the latter; I miss the days of hammering wood and crafting with my hands. Mind you, I did not have to worry about trying to impress a girl, like this fictional character had to. This tale was a joy to preview. Another work is Three Thousand by artist and animator Asinnajaq. This mixed media work is described as experimental cinema at its finest and it spotlights Inuit concerns. The illustrations offered here is very alluring and the Indigenous program promises to spotlight many a filmmaker coming to the fore. Other works to be featured include My Yiddish Papi and Hedgehog’s Home. 

Author: Ed Sum

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