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The Body Politic
By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Nanaimo’s punk-rock band The Body Politic has definite plans to continue touring following the release of their latest album, Contr:addiction. After a small and successful Vancouver Island run last month following the launch on November 17th, plans are not being stalled as Christmas nears. A larger show to play throughout Canada is planned and it should start as early as Spring 2018. For people who can not wait, the holiday season is here to offer to those rockers a digital download of this album. Holiday shoppers can ‘Send as gift’ this album on their webpage here.

This record would not have gone into full production without the help of the fans. After a very successful fundraiser on IndieGogo, this new album has a lot of good vibrations to offer; Adam “Nolly” Getgood (former bassist of Grammy nominated band Periphery) handled the sound mix. This collection of seven songs is also available on other online platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Youtube and Bandcamp. Through Bandcamp, a CD can be purchased. They do not yet have plans for a vinyl printing, but if the group senses enough demand, Spencer Bowman (drummer) says they will definitely consider it.

The Body Politic
Sam Britton – Vocals, Jesse Lough – Vocals & Bass, Matt Aasen – Guitar, Dan Montgomery – Guitar, Rob Wilkinson – Keyboards, Spencer Bowman – Drums


The success of their first two albums All Too Human (2011) and Egressor (2014) solidified their position as one of Canada’s most vibrant independent metal acts. Their music video, “All Hands,” helped catapult them to the stratosphere. This premiered on and the production design is not the only detail most aficionados of this medium will come to appreciate. The wait to see what’s next, especially with their third album now available, comes in the form of “Akrasia.” As a shaman shifts between two realms, the ocean and the edges of a forest, viewers are left to guess at the meaning. The surreal aspect of time moving backward can mean just about anything.

The band’s next visual project, “Parasoul,” is now going into production and it has a scheduled release date of Feb 2, 2018. No spoilers have been offered but to film during the Winter season suggests a theme of isolation as the white stuff falls might get explored.

Since this album is described by this band as their most personal to date, perhaps viewers will find an unfolding narrative develop should more music videos be developed. Bowman said, “We’re considering taking on one of the songs with heavier emotional content related to addiction for our next video, but we want to make sure that if we are to make that choice, it comes out [just as] artistic.“

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