Frightening Solstice Treats for the Discerning Comic Book Reader

Solstice and the Yuletide is a great time to cozy up to some ghost stories or a work in the tradition of Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers.

Solstice HellboySolstice and the Yuletide is a great time to cozy up to some ghost stories or a work in the tradition of Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers. In this day and age, to decide on what notable classic to warm up to is tough. Perhaps it’s time to expand on what’s available in the supernatural realm as not every year has to be about Krampus and spirits.

In what I offer are upcoming works than previously published. Also, I’m only consider one-shot specials than the annuals. Hellboy may have something to say about why we don’t have enough reading material to enjoy, but he leads this year’s upcoming works that is sure to delight this season.

Hellboy Krampusnacht
Writer: Mike Mignola
Art & Cover: Adam Hughes
Ships Dec 20

Unlike previous year’s specials for the season, this release will offer a one-shot where Hellboy is going up against this alpine creature of Slavic origin. Others may argue Germanic. Perhaps that’s the reason why Krampus is always grumpy. For those who don’t know who this creature is, we have an introduction!

Here, two legends will be locking horns in the worse way possible. In what makes this story special is that it marks Adam Hughes (cover artist for many titles) first contribution to this universe.

Comic-Geddon Evil Dead

Evil Dead 2 Christmas Special & Activity Book
Writers: Georgia Ball, Ian Edginton
Art: Vincenzo Riccardi, Dave Yurkovich, House of Imagi (c)
Cover: Dave Youkovich
Ships December 27

Some kids (okay, big kids) looking for something to do by the fireplace can take to this stocking stuffer after the big day. Whatever the reason is for not publishing before may well be due to someone getting a coal in that sock.

For folks who have not discovered Space Goat Publishing yet, this company deserves props for acquiring the Evil Dead 2 license and continuing the adventures of Ash! This book reprints Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Krampus and A Merry Deadite Christmas.

This collection offers crossword puzzles, connect the dots and illustrations to colour to all your heart’s content. Hm, candy cane coloured Deadites anyone?


Gentleman Corpse
Christmas Special
Writer, Artist: Ben Templesmith
Ships: Dec 20, 2017

When this book has a tagline of “I saw Wormwood killing Santa Claus,” how can any horror aficionado not want this book?

Well, not everyone has to hate this season, but c’mon! When considering how this holiday has become so widely commercialized, someone has to storm up to the big guy in red tights (no, not Deadpool) and give him a piece of his mind. In this work, Solstice is properly recognised.

Wormwood is the perfect demigod to do so. If you do not know what this series is about, here’s a quick primer: the hero is actually a trans-dimensional worm who can control a dead body by burrowing into the head of the host body. He prefers anyone who is finely dressed and he is often out to save the day than ruin it. This work mixes comedy with horror.


Swamp Thing Winter Special
Writers: Tom King
Art & Cover: Jason Fabok
Ships: Jan 31, 2018

This special square-bound one shot will see Swamp Thing out of his element and face challenges in an environment where boy and thing have to work together if they are to survive. This antihero is separated from the Green, so his ability to regenerate is not going to save him.

In what makes this release a must is a look at what original co-creator Len Wein intended to create as a new series. Sadly, his untimely passing put this project on the shelf. This content will be offered in script form and Kelley Jones is providing some art.

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