The Only “Abomination” with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is no Jonah Hex (Yet)!

legendsoftomorrow-204-abominations-t1320004-cw-stereo_b39992b02_cwtv_720x400By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

* Spoiler Alert

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow celebrated Halloween a week late and will fans be “civil” about it hardly being a tale of terror? I was mildly disappointed. This episode could have easily brought back Jonah Hex sooner than later (he’s confirmed to be back), and dig into the supernatural with ease. Instead, the “Abomination” begins by starting the episode with another time travelling agent out to dispose of a chemical agent developed for war … but after his spaceship get damaged, just where he crash-lands is at the height of a certain American conflict circa 1863.

While this episode is a fun period romp almost akin to Exit Humanity (2011), at least it has an ounce of real scares built in. Jackson and Stein are worried about the future, as they struggle to understand the older Barry Allen’s message. They also discuss if telling the rest of their teammates about it will erode their thoughts in what the future holds. In another front, Sara’s confidence as a leader of this ragtag group of heroes is eroding. The reason why the Legends team meets Ulysses S. Grant is more for her than an accidental encounter. After she demonstrates her ability to command the troops during a zombie outbreak, Grant gives her his seal of approval.

As a tale resembling Resident Evil, I’m better off watching those movies than repeat watching this episode. The Waverider could have been turned into the Nostromo, from Alien, where nobody can hear you scream. I didn’t think much of this side story featuring Stein and Palmer going up against an infected Rory.


The bigger tale comes from how Jackson feels he has to take action. One of the reasons why the Civil War happened is because The South deeply believed in slavery. He wanted to take action and jumpstart equal rights. Both he and Amaya (Vixen) do what they can, and a very brief recognition of the necklace she wears to grant her animal abilities suggests more backstory to come. Vixen is the newest member of this ragtag group and I like to know more about her amulet’s mystical abilities. I’m also finding she fulfils the Hawkgirl type of role better. Kendra Saunders was sadly written to be the series’ damsel in distress more so than warrior-princess.

For a series that is still jumping around time with an overall story arc slowly being revealed, all I need to do is google to find out what’s in store. I won’t spoil the reveal. I wish the direction hinted at last season and on a certain piece of swag from San Diego Comic-con 2016 will come this season. Doctor Fate can make for a great add to round out the team and last season had hints of him existing in this DC Expanded Universe. With Ray Palmer only sticking around because Mick says so (he’s now without his shrinking armour), I do not think he will stay for the entire season run.

This episode is definitely saying the team will change. I suspect won’t happen until the mid-season crossover saga, and the changes should be good to tighten up what the Legends team has to become to deal with an upcoming future threat. Damien Darhk is the type of character who can not be defeated without some assistance by some master of the mystic arts, and Doctor Strange belongs to the Marvel Universe.

Author: Ed Sum

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