Teaser Trailer for Cyborg 009 Film Trilogy Revealed by Toho Animation

Cyborg009By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

It’s proven you can’t keep a good cyborg down. And the point will be made with not one but three 3D CG films based on the classic manga Cyborg 009 by Shotaro Ishinomori. Toho Animation unveiled a website Tuesday for Cyborg 009: Call of Justice. Each film from the trilogy will receive a two week limited run in Japan, Part 1 will start November 25, 2016.

The story will follow Joe Shimamura and the members of the Cyborg team after the establishment of the UN Guardian troops. Although living peaceful lives they are called out of retirement after being met by reporter Lucy Davenport. Davenport is aware of a race of highly intelligent beings with superhuman powers called the “Blessed.” Besides Davenport and a handful of people, the human population has no idea that the “Blessed” exist nor that they have been manipulating human history since ancient times. And now with the return of the “Blessed”, their goals remain unknown as their long dark shadows are cast over the earth.

Chief Director for this production will be Kenji Kamiyama. Kamiyama served as director on the animated series Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Koudai Kakimoto who was Unit Director for the 2012 feature film 009 Re:Cyborg (in collaboration with Kamiyama who was writer-director) will make his debut as a director. Masatsugu Saitō (Captain Earth, Expelled from Paradise) will design the characters. Ishimori Production, Inc. (Skull Man) and Production I.G (Psycho Pass) are producing with I.G’s studio subsidiary Signal MD (Colorful Ninja Iromaki) and OLM Digital, Inc. (Yo-kai Watch) animating. Distribution will be handled through Toho’s animation arm.

Cyborg 009: Call for Justice part 1 will premiere November 25 with parts 2 and 3 premiering December 2 and December 9.


Source(s): Gwyn Campbell, Animate Times, and Anime News Network.

Video Source(s): Toho animation YouTube channel.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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