DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Certainly Gets “Legendary” & Theories for This Series’ Future


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

*Spoiler Alert!

The Thanagarian threat will not arrive in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow for some time. With an exit and fitting finale for the storyline between Chay-ara, Khufu and Hath-Set (i.e. Kendra, Carter and Vandal in their current incarnations), one fight has been put to rest in this week’s season one finale, “Legendary.” Another danger is coming, but as for who that is (apparently this new villain makes Savage’s megalomania tame in comparison), that depends on how well viewers know their DC Comic’s lore. A member from The Justice Society of America, the precursor to the Justice League, pay a visit to set up the next season.

In an episode which borrows a few ideas from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “All Good Things…,” namely in having to solve a problem (more like a fight) that takes place in three different eras. To put a stop to a bomb that can destroy all of time requires facing it past, present and future. In what Savage adds to the fact, three meteorites came crashing upon ancient Egypt to impart its magic of ressurrction/immortality to certain individuals nearbg. As I suspected, they were sent in advance by the Thanagarians to this planet, but for what purpose? Dr Stein calculates the proximity of the two planets being close occurs irregularly and this alignment is important to cause interstellar destruction (just how mathematics can do that, this bit of astrophysics needs Stephan Hawking to help explain). Just why this detail is important does not get the decent explanation that’s needed until Savage says he wants Earth’s time-space to revert back to Egypt, the Middle Kingdom 1700 BC so he can be pharaoh and have Chay-ara turned into his consort. He’s quite simple minded, wanting to rule a dynasty instead of a galaxy. Perhaps he just wants to start small?


Although the original space debris is unearthed and the Nazi’s recovered it for Hitler to use, Savage steals it to begin his scheme. In 1958, this rock is sitting out in the open woods (most likely a new piece as hinted at in flashbacks). The stone from 1975 and 2021 must be the same, so where’s the third? If it got stolen to allow a new threat to emerge, I’m hoping the Black Adam is the new threat waiting in the wings! This character might succeed in ways where Savage failed. According to the history revealed in The Marvel Family #1, Teth-Adam’s family was killed by one of Hath-Set’s servants. Unlike Rip and Sarah who were on a quest to enact vengeance with a cruel heart but only to see the light where you can’t fight destiny, this character went down a dark path to become Black.

To have this connection will be great. Although showrunners Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and Phil Climber stated there’s no ongoing continuation in season two with the past material in season one, I’d rather have some thread that unites the series together. With a larger threat eventually coming to Earth, just why would Thebes get tossed to ruin from three meteorites sent from another world? if the flashbacks suggested two more rocks were tossed to Earth by Thanagarians, could they be wanting to irradiate the planet for occupation (sort if like in Star Blazers)? To see a human turn zombie-hawk suggests the aliens are indeed of a bird type origin.

It granted Kendra, Carter and Vandal power even though the villain never manifested wings. To activate the rocks further powers require a blood sacrifice (in scientific terms, the DNA are a key to unlock the chest). Just what material is hidden inside the rock? Sadly, one was shrunk to the size of an atom before it exploded and the other turned to water. Technically, one of the rocks is the same as the future one, so a piece of it has to have survived! A paradox took place and nobody is the wiser to where a remaining piece exists.


Hawkman and Hawkgirl will eventually return when the Thanagarian threat is real. By then, they will be seasoned warriors, able to kick butt. Despite watching Kendra behaving mostly like a damsel in distress for most of season one, a future appearance has to show her in full warrior-princess mode. When both Kendra and Carter’s return, they may know where the location of the third meteorite.

Someone somewhere must have it hiding under their bed. Whether it will transform the owner into Solomon Grundy, who knows. I would welcome an appearance by him. In looking at the past rosters of Justice Society members, I’m really hoping Doctor Fate makes a future appearance in the CW series. While the Lantern Corps is a pipe dream, I am still hoping my ideal team will feature certain heroes to appear. Two new heroes are confirmed for the next season, one female and one male, but to recognize who they will play is tough to say. I’m wagering a reinterpretation of the team known as Stars and Stripes.

The wait will be long, as this series new season will not begin until the Fall of 2016.

Author: Ed Sum

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