Changing “Destiny” in “The River of Time” can be a B*tch in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

14 May

vlcsnap-2016-05-14-04h52m47s386By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Trying to circumvent destiny is nigh impossible in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Rip Hunter has only one chance to prevent his wife and son’s death, and he’s screwed it up. He can not try again, and now he has to accept the role The Endless Destiny has in store for him. This noun has been used far too much throughout the series and I’m starting to think it’s in reference to a living cosmic force. The only way to change the demise of Rip’s family is to confront the person holding The Book of Souls and this character existed in the DC universe decades before author Neil Gaiman adopted him to become part of his Sandman world. While the Vertigo Comics universe does not necessarily exist in this series, I like to think these cosmic entities are persistant much like how Q endures in the Star Trek universe. Desire and Despair shape this leader’s feelings every week in his need to elude a dark future.

Last week’s “River of Time” was a throwaway piece to set up Vandal Savage’s big reveal as a servant of the Time Masters. However it’s doubtful he enjoys being manipulated like a puppet just to deal with a greater threat. In “Destiny,” the Thanagarians are coming and the reasons why are not too clear. According to the time lords, without him to lead the world, humanity will be destroyed by this mysterious race. However, for viewers familiar with the DC comics universe, Hawkman and Hawkgirl came from this world! While the series revealed Chay-ara and Khufu as Egyptians consumed by a meteorite’s radiation, thus mutating them (and Savage), I wonder if they might have some spiritual connection with that alien home world in an ancient astronaut kind of way. After rewatching the episode a few more times, I’m also questioning the rock’s origins. Might it be from Thanagar.

While the producers of this show can mess with DC canon somewhat, I’m really hoping they do not rewrite what these species are, hawk-headed war-ready soldiers.

Carter said what happened that night the meteorite crashed was a result of Horus the Avenger trying to save the star-crossed lovers. I’d laugh if that rock is more like a drone or scout ship that noticed their plight and landed upon them to impart the skills needed to fight off Savage. Perhaps, alternatively, it was a sentient satellite with a message in the bottle. It would be interesting if a warning was sent from alien sympathisers not wanting to see the planet Earth destroyed. This god’s enemy is Seth, and perhaps what the Thanagars want is to turn the Earth into a hyperspace byway to mount a final attack against another race dedicated to this God of Storms.


Another idea is the possibility of what landed was a receptacle to grant Chay-ara and Khufu powers to deal with the invasion when the Thanagarians finally arrive. To have the skills to deal with another species proper would require several lifetimes to train for. Since this technique was done to brainwash Rory aka Chronos, I do not see why skill enhancement can not be used on others. Heatwave did say the treatment was akin to being killed and reborn every time.

Even Savage needs the essence of his enemies in order to grow in power. The White Canary (Sarah) emerged from The Lazarus Pit the same way. Fortunately, magic and meditation have helped her control her berserker rage, but she knows those urges are never gone. For Kendra to become Hawkwoman, the warrior-princess, she still has yet to embrace an inner ferocity. Despite Savage goading her on, she still can not kill.

This aspect of tapping into the heart of darkness is most likely why the Time Masters see Savage as the perfect warlord to,fend off the invasion. In order for the Earth to survive, only a Thanagarian can defeat one of their own. The rock might well have been a result of the Time Masters manipulating the course of natural events to circumvent their own annihilation. They created the ideal immortal villain and are puppet masters. There’s a reason why Snart said, “There are no strings on me.” This episode did a far better job at the Pinocchio analogy than Avengers: Age of Ultron. Even they can not be stupid to not have a backup plan should Savage fail in thwarting the Thanagarian invasion of Earth. While he can hold his own in a fight, no one man can stop them all. There might come a time where the three have to put aside their personal differences to stop these aliens as one.

However, for the time lords, even they can not be stupid to not have a backup plan should Savage fail in thwarting the Thanagarian invasion of Earth. While he can hold his own in a fight, no one man can stop them all. There might come a time where the three have to put aside their personal differences to stop these aliens as one.

But that will depend on where the series producers want the show to go. Savage is not the type of character to be easily put down. Kendra had two opportunities to put an end to his life but never did. She’s too pure and unless Carter’s hand is there to guide her, Savage will live. Right now, Hall was suspiciously absent in his tale. Until his conditioning is completely cleared, he’s a threat to everyone. When he finally comes to, he might even be a person of interest to set up season two.

After all, he was one if Savage’s generals with some knowledge of the impending threat before Rip Hunter interfered yet again.

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