AX ’97 Masquerade Video Surfaces on the Net

Anime Expo LogoWhen scouring the internet, it is not easy to find photos of early Anime Expos (AX)– especially the ones your parents went to. And it is even more rare to discover a video. But it is thanks to people like Michael Winslow, who treasure such memories, that videos like this even exist. Although the video clocks in at 2:00:17 the masquerade itself runs 1:46:05. That’s enough time to cover the entire event.

Shot in 1997, Anime Expo had just made a return to it’s previous venue of the Los Angeles Aiport Hilton Hotel in California. The last time AX had been at the Hilton was in 1995.

Judges for this Masquerade was animator Scott Frazier (now Jan Scott-Frazier), Editor of Animerica Magazine Trish Ledoux, and costumer judge Gina Palmer.

Prizes for the contest had been donated that year by Nikaku Animart, Kimono My House, Animerica Magazine, and Production IG.

Recipients of the Judges Award were Lance Weber for Isamu Dyson (3rd place), Joyce Lim for Kaitou St. Tail (2nd place), and Victoria Hamilton for Deedlit (1st place).

If would like to have a nostalgic look back at AX ’97, visit this wonderful site called Usagichan Company. They not only list AX ’97 but other years of Anime Expo too. To begin your journey, click here.

Source(s): aerobicsparadise, Vintage Anime Fans, and Usagichan Company Search and Rescue.

Author: James Robert Shaw

Making a comeback.

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