TRON 3 is Rezzing into Vancouver!

Tron Legacy new Imax Poster

According to VanCity Buzz, TRON 3 will begin filming in the city of Vancouver BC this Fall. Fans of Disney‘s electronic paradise are no doubt cheering and hopefully the tale will pick up where the last film left off, with Sam (Garrett Hedlund) riding off into the sunset with Quorra (Olivia Wilde) by his side. He freed himself from the grip that CLU had. But can androids dream of electric sheep? Just what kind of reality will both of them find now that they are in the real world than virtual? Also, will Cillian Murphy play a more prominent role? He is the son of Dillinger, the mastermind behind the problems featured in the first film.

These answers will need to be answered. With a script that’s taken nearly five years to develop, the hope is that writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were also involved in helping craft the next chapter. According to the Internet Movie Database, David DiGilio (Eight Below, Warrior) and Jesse Wigutow (It Runs in the Family, The Prince) are writing the screenplay. Their credentials do not bode a lot of confidence and they may be contract writers than people intimately understanding of what the TRON universe is about. The big hope here is that Steven Lisberger has been working very closely with them to ensure his vision is intact.

In the report, the only two people confirmed is Hedlund returning and Joseph Kosinski directing. There’s no hint as to whether or not Lisberger is involved as executive producer. Unofficially, Bruce Boxleitner remarked that the film depended on how much the studios wanted this product to be made, and with teases from Disney Infinity 2.0 bringing Sam and Quorra into the game, momentum is no doubt being made to reignite interest in TRON from fans. Now the big question is if will either Boxleitner or Jeff Bridges will have roles in this third film, or will the TRON saga be a trilogy?


Source(s): VanCity Buzz, Bad Ass Digest

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