Have TARDIS will Travel; Emerald City Comicon Announces Jenna Coleman!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


March 12, 2015 Update: Sadly, her appearance was cancelled. No explanation was offered on the Emerald City Comiccon Facebook page.

Jenna Coleman is more than just the Impossible Girl in BBC’s Doctor Who. She’s the sweetheart of the series with her ability to challenge the Doctor much more than the previous companions in this modern version of the show.

On March 27 and 28th only, she will be gracing Emerald City Comicon to tell about tales beyond the TARDIS and interact with fans. This will be a busy time for this actress, but if she’s anything like her character of Clara Oswald, she will challenge it head on! It’s surprising that she didn’t charm Captain America: The First Avenger but her career was just beginning then. Oh how the times have treated her well!

But Doctor Who fans should take note: John Barrowman will also be gracing the halls of the Washington Convention Center. Whether as Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood) or Malcom Merlyn (Arrow). this performer will no doubt entertain the masses in hopefully a concert that many fans will wish the organizers of ECC will organize. No plans are set yet, but the clock is ticking near. Excitement is about as Seattle becomes a haven for pop culture at the end of Winter to cure the blues away.

March 20th Update: Sadly, ECCC announced that she is no longer able to attend. The reason looks obvious for those following Coleman’s Twitter feed: she’s doing a script reading for the next episode and that will no doubt go into production very soon. It should be noted that Fan Expo Vancouver has sometimes been able to invite celebs that have cancelled to appear at their show and vice-versa. At least fans from the Pacific Northwest can hope!

Author: Ed Sum

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