IMAX Cinemas Treat Fans with an Interstellar Poster

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Audiences planning on going to see Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar at IMAX cinemas this weekend will be treated to a limited edition collector print designed by Gallery 1988 artist Kevin Dart. Supplies will be limited, but for poster aficionados, this 12×16 one-sheet is certainly very nice to look at.

When this artist has done work for COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey, perhaps he had some insight as to what to create for this exclusive. To contrast the lone farm with that of the rocket suggests that humanity may well be alone in the universe. Community is important, but until collectors see the film, just what this image means is deceptive.

That also includes what IMAX’s plans are for their incentive program. Is Fanfix gone? The answer is most likely yes as their marketing arm looks to appease more movie goers than limit it to those going to first shows on a Thursday night.

Author: Ed Sum

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