Guardians of the Galaxy Toy & Video Updates and Speculation

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Paul Gitter of Marvel Licensing reveals that more products featuring everyone’s favourite dancing tree will be coming. In an interview to ToyNews, this spokesman revealed that his team knows the demand is there, especially among collectors.

“Anything for collectors and fans [are selling well], like Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line, Funko’s vinyls, and adult t-shirts. And the LEGO construction sets are performing great,” said Gitter, “Several items for kids, especially the LEGO sets and the Rocket plush, are selling well too, and we know the interest with kids will only grow as we get closer to the holidays and especially the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release (scheduled for Dec 9, 2014 release).”

Thankfully, this video release will include a teaser for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film along with the usual bevy of extras. Looking at this bonus material will be good, and no details have been revealed if director James Gunn miming the movements he wanted for the end mid-credit sequence was recorded. If this video short is included, that will be a product to purchase!

If fans are still hot for when baby Groot was seen dancing then the next bit of information will have the anxiety for a proper homage product grow.

Gitter revealed that a proper sound activated dancing feature to the Jackson 5 song is being worked on. KIDdesigns should have it ready for the holidays for Walmart stores in the US. As for everywhere else, only time will tell if it can be purchased online for export. Otherwise eBay will be flooded with folks looking to make a huge buck for whatever this “dancing product” is going to be. Chances are high that it will be Groot!

Author: Ed Sum

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