The Night at the Museum 3 Gets a Trailer and Title!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The third Night at the Museum movie is definitely going to explain the origins of the golden tablet that animates the exhibits and wrap up this series at the same time. Titled Secrets of the Tomb, this film might include some Indiana Jones moments too.

The fun is in reuniting the ol’ gang and taking them to London to find the means of re-energizing the said item so life everlasting will not stop. The trailer is an amusing watch, and for Egyptian enthusiasts like me, this is the movie I’ve been waiting for! It seems a part of what I’ve conjectured may well come true if the cast listing for this film and the trailer is any indication.

As for how much of the ancient world will prevail throughout the movie, perhaps only 15-20 minutes will be spent revealing what the tablet is meant for and how it came into possession of Ahkmenrah.

But as for how much of the humour is being rehashed, yes a few jokes are looking like it can run thin with Dexter the monkey up to his usual tricks and a new dinosaur chasing the team around needing to be tamed. That will not stop fans of this movie trilogy from going to see this film come Christmas week, when this film is set to screen Dec 19.

Author: Ed Sum

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