Godzilla: Unstoppable Force of Nature

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Godzilla2014Godzilla as a force of nature is the message that is being conveyed. Man’s arrogance it is said, is that we believe those forces are within our control. But Godzilla is a severe lesson in how powerless mankind is when dealing with a force of nature that is so unpredictable.

I had some concerns with the initial teaser trailer that there would be a cheese factor with this film. But after watching this latest trailer, those concerns have melted away. Gareth Edwards is letting fans know this is a serious drama and will be nothing like the debacle that was Godzilla 1998. Am I being too unkind? I suggest you watch the movie and judge for yourself.

Edwards uses a sullen atmosphere to set the tone for Godzilla’s rampage. Much like real life disasters, humans are never quite sure of what they see or what can be believed, even when it happens right in front of them. In this trailer, Godzilla is not fully revealed. Perhaps it is the director’s way of making the audience feel the confusion of the people on-screen.

My hat is off to you Mr. Edward’s for respecting the Toho source material.


Author: James Robert Shaw

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