Luxury Comedy Airing Set for May?

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

The second series of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy will finally air on Channel 4 television sometime in May, or at least that is what Noel Fielding has surmised. Fans who expected a one year wait for the second series were rewarded for their long two year vigil. Fielding added sound to the final episode of the new season yesterday. Said Fielding via twitter


But is this just a cleverly disguised business move. The first season UK DVD release for Luxury Comedy was, strangely enough, pushed back to May 19. But while the Brits wait, the Americans can now play catch-up with the news that media website, Hulu, has bought the rights.

Luxury Comedy was a series co-created by Mighty Boosh comedy partner Noel Fielding and animator/writer Nigel Coan. Coan previously worked with Fielding on the Boosh. Multi-talented Fielding wore many hats during production of the first series. Not only did he write and direct with Coan but he was also involved in the music to the series and worked as one of the series’ costume designers.

Luxury Comedy revolves around Noel, a man who lives in a jungle treehouse and frequently interacts with characters created from his imagination. Noel is joined in series one by character regulars Smooth (Michael Fielding), Dolly (Dolly Wells) and Andy Warhol (Tom Meeten). All three actors will reprise their roles in series two.

Who was your favourite character in Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy and why? Drop us a comment here at Otaku no Culture.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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