ECCC ’14: Announces More Artsy Guests

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

ecccLogoSeattle’s Emerald City Comicon announced yesterday more comic book artists and illustrators added as guests. Of those announced:

Thomas Cook- Animator on such TV series as He-Man & the Masters of the Universe, SuperFriends, Heathcliff, Blackstar, Ghostbusters, Bravestarr and on the films Disney’sThe Prince and the Pauper, Don Bluth’s Thumbelina and Jetsons: The Movie. He was also animation timer on Duckman and Extreme Ghostbusters.

Justin Greenwood – Artist on Wasteland, Ressurection, Ghost Town and Masks & Mobsters.

Kazu Kibuishi – Creator/editor the of the comic book anthology Flight, creator of the webcomic Cooper and author and illustrator of Daisy Klutter: The Last Train and the ongoing series Amulet.

Jake Parker – Part of the art department on such films as Horton Hears A Who, Ice Age III and Epic. Creator of the graphic novel series Missle Mouse from Scholastic Graphix Imprint, illustrator of the Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man by Michael Chabon.

Marcus To – To be featured in the New Warriors relaunch, his work has been featured on such titles as Cyborg 009, Adventures of Superman, Superboy, Justice League Beyond, Flash, Batwing, Red Robin, Soulfire and Batman.

Shane White – Illustrator and pin-up artist to Avengers: Roll Call, Fantastic Four, Hack/Slash, Tales of Avalon and Fractured Fables.

ECCC runs from March 28 – 30, 2014. You can visit Emerald City Comicon’s official website here:

Author: James Robert Shaw

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