It’s Time to do the Mario with 8 Bit Lit!

29 Sep

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Nearly every Nintendo fan will want their own 8-bit LED lamp in their recreation room. The 8-Bit Lit is an idea of Bryan Duxbury and Adam Ellsworth. They made a great tribute to that one product that made Nintendo great in their early days. A simple switch on the bottom of the unit is where all anyone has to do is to tap it, palm it, or head butt it. Sound effects will be part of its interactive appeal.

Now the big question is whether toddlers will have to leap around like Mario to nudge the switch or not.

This Kickstarter project was wildly successful and after all the backers get their product (expected to ship in November), the lamps will be in mass production to satisfy Christmas demand. The company is now taking in pre-orders.


Each lamp can be delivered with an aluminum stand ($69) or with a long enough power cable ($49) so it can be mounted on a ceiling. Order enough of these cubes and fans can be like Mario, tapping a row of five cubes hoping to reveal a power up. Or in this case, having enough light to read by. One is enough, but more is better.

This product’s Facebook page can be found here.

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