Ninjago Movie is a Go with Charlie Bean, but what about TRON: Uprising?

20 Sep

By Ed Sum

Charlie+Bean+Unveiling+Disney+XD+TRON+Uprising+fZVWicVDErAlThe Hollywood Reporter revealed that Charlie Bean will make his big screen directorial debut with LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu movie. As exciting as that news is for LEGO expanding its properties to the big screen, some people may be wondering if Bean will return to projects left unfinished? This animator turned director has done phenomenal work in his rise up the ladder of success.

His previous works include Robotboy, Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls and the Ren & Stimpy Show. He has been involved in all parts of the animation and story telling process to make these past products the successes that they were. Now with Bean working on Ninjago, to see where this series will head next will be exciting.

And hopefully this coming project will earn him enough clout to influence the powers-that-be to bring back Tron: Uprising. The question of how passionate he is for this Disney XD product is unknown. For some people, working from project to project is just a job. For others, they show a love for certain projects from the very first frame to the last. Uprising seemed to show signs of fatigue in the latter half of the episodes shown. The series would end when CLU arrived to control Argon City, but even hints of that seemed to have been cut short.

While the character designs in TRON: Uprising is not for everyone (since it looks a lot like Aeon Flux), the story is what makes some viewers keep coming back for more. With the Fall season now in full swing, Disney XD is still keeping this program on air. Nothing has been derezzed yet. The series may well simply be on hiatus until a third movie gets green-lit. Even that seems to be lingering in development hell, since this film is just not high on any executive’s priority list to get done.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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