[Victoria, BC] Rocky Horror Show Builds Creativity in a Benefit Performance

hile toast and water will not be allowed at the theatre, audience members can expect lots of other surprises to help make their Rocky Horror Show experience that much more thrilling.

Poster-Web-662x1024Janet, Dr. Scott, Brad and Rocky will soon grace the stage of the McPherson Theatre in Victoria, BC, Canada with Kaleidoscope Theatre’s production of the Rocky Horror Show. They hold a benefit every year that unites the community and professional actors together, and the proceeds from the show helps the theatre school build programs for young minds to engage in and socially develop.

This 17th annual event will have three performances: one on Halloween night (8pm) and two the next day (7pm and 10pm). The party will be lively, exciting and loud—it will also be a different interpretation of what creator Richard O’Brian presented.

“The show is sometimes playing homage to the original and we’re not copying other productions,” said Pat Rundell, marketing director and one of the stars (he plays Brad Majors), “It will be brand new vision with new characters and costumes, a totally re-imagined Rocky.”

Brad and Janet’s naivety are still set in the 50’s but, as Rundell revealed, everyone else’s personas will be from, if not reflect, different eras. The story will be set in an abandoned theatre and the world this couple enters will be a crazy one. “It’s almost like there will be parallel universes going on,” this actor teased.

To say more about the plot will only give too much of the stage direction away. But he assures everything that’s familiar about what made Rocky Horror great will be in this show. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the original stage show, and it will be the third time in the company’s 39-year history that this show has been presented.

According to Rundell, the first time this local production was performed was in 1992, and it was directed by Stephen Andrew, The second time was in 2010 with Artistic Director Leslie D. Bland. In this latest iteration, Roderick Glanville is handling the chores of getting everyone ready for the time warp. It will also be a who’s who of familiar faces and up-and-comers in this local theatre scene.

“We have Kelly Hudson from Ride the Cyclone fame playing Riff Raff; Candace Woodland, fresh from a successful summer with Victoria Shakespeare as Columbia, and film actor Kevin Murray as the Criminologist,” revealed Rundell.

The variety and versatility from the cast with a wide and varied experience is going to be one to watch. A few are also fresh graduates from the Canadian College of the Performing Arts. And for Rundell, who talked about how things are progressing during the early rehearsals, everything about this show is going to be hot.

Fans of this perennial horror-rock musical will have a chance to do a jump to the left and then a step to the right. Callbacks and throwing objects at the stage will be encouraged. Kaleidoscope will be selling prop bags for audiences to use during the show and in case they do not know when to use the items, instructions should be provided. While toast and water will not be allowed at the theatre, audience members can expect lots of other surprises to help make their Rocky experience that much more thrilling. Costume contests, and prize giveaways will add to the party environment.

Rundell assures that for all fans, all the antics associated with the film will be in the stage production. The sexual innuendos will be played up than down. “The Rocky Horror Show is its own beast,” this actor summarized, “Once it takes over, you’ll never know what you’ll do.”

That’s what the show within a show number, “Rose Tints My World,” is all about, but there is more to the show than just the fun and party-games. It’s about connecting people together. That does not have to be limited to just the people on stage engaging the audience. Since everyone in this cast are familiar with each others works, or have worked together in the past as Rundell had with Glanville, the camaraderie developed will no doubt be felt. Cast members don’t have to dream it. They will be it.

“After only a few days of rehearsal the cast is extremely close. It happens pretty quick when you start dancing around in your underwear with a room full of strangers,” grinned Rundell.

Tickets are available for purchase at the McPherson Theatre box office online or in person.

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