Disney’s Gargoyles Season Two Volume Two is Hot! BUT….

Disney Movie Club is offering to their members the ability to purchase the much desired volume two release of season two of Disney’s Gargoyles!

Gargoyles DVD CoverSome fans of Disney’s Gargoyles can rejoice and others will lament. Disney Movie Club is offering to their members the ability to purchase the much desired volume two release of season two. But only residents of the United States can purchase this three-disc set at $19.99 USD.

The program is similar to Columbia House’s Music Club from a previous era, so let the consumer beware—more items must be purchased to fulfill this contract. While no date has been set for The Goliath Chronicles (Season Three), that may well take just as long, depending on how well sales go.

But if this company is going to limit the accessibility to this current video release by making this set an exclusive, they are only putting the proverbial nail in the coffin. Much like the cartoon about a clan of gargoyles seeking freedom and desiring to find a place to belong, this title is being tightly reigned. Some viewers might see this fine cartoon as an inspired epic in the same vein as many of Shakespeare’s historical and fantastical plays with a touch of Braveheart mixed in.

Show creator Greg Weisman reported back in 2006 that the video release for season two-volume two was cancelled due to lack sufficient sales of volume one. The initial season was short, but it helped establish the mythos that is of this world, where Oberon is the king of a third race–the faerie kind–and the Gargoyles are like Veritas, believers of truth and warriors of justice. The humans, well, they are hard to understand, much less trust.

Fans who do not reside in the States or are not members of Disney Movie Club are currently out of luck, and will have to face paying a premium to find this DVD release at auction prices. Now, as though to keep a firmer grasp onto production costs, Disney is limiting this release’s accessibility. This item is already appearing on eBay. Hopefully, after an initial run of controlled sales, the company can consider making this release available to stores like Walmart, Target and online at Amazon. Everything depends on the attitude by fans and businessmen alike.

But fans should also bear in mind that 2014 does mark the 20th anniversary of the series. Maybe Disney has a complete set in the works?

The gargoyles can not be kept on a tight leash forever.

November Update: Disney Movie Club has finally relaxed their stance and the video is available for purchase in Canada as part of their promotion deal to invite people in to join this club. Thanks to Jonny Modlin for the tip a few months back. Otaku no Culture finally bit the bullet by becoming a member of this club and the order has finally arrived; a short review of this release and perhaps a look at other Disney exclusives will be forthcoming.

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