Looking for Convergence in Divergent, A Movie Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


I never got into many young adult novel turned movie franchises save but one, Harry Potter. I tried to look at The Hunger Games but it just was not appealing. Both that film and Harry Potter set a huge benchmark for future projects to come, namely Percy Jackson, Enders Game, Twilight, Chronicles of Narnia and so on. There’s no need to list them all, but when anyone watches enough of these types of films, the tropes movie viewers can find in these films are easily identifiable and they can be found in many a future product to come, namely Divergent.

This movie adapted from Veronica Roth’s book of the same name is simple enough to recognize. A bit of that Twilight / Hunger Games style of narrative is going to be evident, and to have a female character show how she comes of age is a staple for many a book from this sub-genre of young adult novels that target a female reading demographic. With this tale, factions exist and the community is divided. Because of that, there is no hope for peace. Because of some global war, the survivors have fallen into a feudal society where everyone is organized into castes.
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