[Victoria, BC] Tide Lines Sweeps Back into Victoria Nov 17th!

Fortunately, Tide Lines does not condemn. It shows what this team of sailors who love surfing are doing to educate the people they meet about this problem.

Tide Lines PosterTide Lines is more than just a documentary about two brothers and a friend setting sail from Vancouver Island to the Polynesian Islands to south of Africa to the Panama and home. It may have started out as a project to look at their journey, complete with a mini-biography about Ryan and Bryson Robertson and Hugh Patterson, but during the making of this film, it evolved to become another type of movie. The three-year journey these individuals undertook showed how they are discovering how different cultures are currently reacting to a global problem: what are the denizens of this planet doing to clean up the beaches that’s littered with trash? Scattered around them and floating within Earth’s many oceans are plastic debris of all sorts, bottles and all kinds of junk. Not everyone knows about the Great Pacific or North Atlantic Garbage Patch that’s just only growing beneath the waters of the five major oceanic gyres.

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