After 3 Episodes of My Adventures with Superman, Who is the Focus?

When all the past lore gets tossed out the window, we have a very different take on what makes My Adventures With Superman great.

My Adventures With Superman PosterMy Adventures with Superman is a very different take on the lore, and for fans of high school style anime, there’s lots to like. It’s being animated by South Korean Studio MIR, and that’s okay. As for those who watched Bruce Timm and Paul Dini’s material, it’s not as sexy. However, I will keep looking for that silver lining. That’s because Lois Lane’s persona is more inspired from the classic Japanese Animation young independent stereotypes, instead of a hard-nosed reporter. To see her and Clark often blush is not to my liking. As a result, this North American icon is hardly that anymore.

Here, all the characters are beginning their careers at the Daily Planet as interns and none of them have earned their wings. Instead of fostering Clark Kent (voiced by Jack Quaid) and Lois Lane’s (Alice Lee) relationship, the two are crushing on each other like teenagers. In regard to Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid), whom I thought would be the focus, he’s barely the star. Thus, had the story perspective been more about this cub photographer, then I’d get why this latest from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment is called My Adventures…, rather than My Secret Identity as Superman.

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