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The Mind Games Behind Jurassic World, A Movie Review

22 Jun

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Jurassic World shows that nobody has learned from the mistakes made 22 years ago. After the “initial incident” of dinosaurs gone wild, the species known as Homo sapiens still think of themselves as homo superior. And in this sequel’s case, courting the prehistoric world and continuing to engage genetic engineering are a bad idea. Although John Hammond has long since passed, the people who have taken over (namely Simon Masrani) have finally managed to convert the island of Isla Nublar into a resort that resembles Disney World.

InGen is the corporation who is in charge and their ingenious idea to hybridise dinosaurs in order to create new species is not without scrutiny. Owen (Chris Pratt), a dinosaur wrangler, knows that can lead to trouble. When he has problems of his own in dictating the rules of who is the king, not even the handful of raptors he’s managed to train are above rebelling.

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