Happy Birthday to Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Words need not be repeated in what I wrote last year in a public letter to Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred wishing them a Happy Birthday!

Another 365 days have passed and I’d be remiss in not to wish the two performers another ’round of cheers. Time can only go backwards to what I fondly love of the old series that doesn’t quite appear in the new. Although I’ll watch anything Doctor Who related on the telly, it’s the classic series that I enjoyed the most. You two helped make that time in front of the television (even on reruns and rebroadcasts) always well spent.

Sometime today, I’ll be watching a best of the Seventh Doctor to fondly recall your time together on-screen. Remembrance of the Daleks and Survival are definitely on the list!

Cheers to another year!

Whovians should Celebrate! Happy Birthday Sylvester McCoy & Sophie Aldred!

Sylvester McCioyYou got to love time zones because no matter where in the universe the party is happening, Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor, turns 70.

Happy Birthday Sylvester!

The classic Doctor Who series ended its run in 1989, with hints of McCoy’s version of the title character saying he will live to a ripe old age. After all, The Doctor will become Merlin. For some fans of this actor’s work, he has when he appeared in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as Radagast the Brown. In Arthurian lore, Merlin has sometimes been depicted as the Wild Man of the Woods. McCoy is certainly living up to everything that is Doctor Who! Older fans like me can see certain connections being made in the work this fine actor has been doing lately.

Sophie Aldred

What’s even cooler is that Sophie Aldred could party it up with her former co-star. She celebrates her birthday on the same day!

Aldred will always be a fan favourite in this author’s universe. To see her beauty, her roles (and the character of Ace evolve) on the telly is fascinating. But her character development did not end there. The Timewyrm and Cat’s Cradle series are amongst my favourite books in the “New Doctor Who Adventures” (Virgin Publishing) to own.

Readers curious in what she has done lately can tune in to Tree Fu Tom, a children’s comedy animated series airing in the UK that’s set in fairy-land. Past works includes Dennis & Gnasher and Noddy in Toyland.

Happy Birthday Sophie! I’m glad to see that you are continuing to be busy, doing what you enjoy the most and that is to entertain children with your beautiful voice!

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