Nobody’s a Slave to Sirens Anymore, A Documentary Review

After Sirens have gained notoriety in their home country by being on television, performing with a symphony orchestra, perhaps they’ll try again to spread their wings.

SirensRolling release beginning Sept 30, 2022 (please check local listings for theatrical screenings)

Emerging out of the Middle East is Slave to Sirens, a thrash metal band wanting to prove to the world they’re unstoppable. In addition to allowing their journey to be filmed, what we see is a story different from mythology. Here, nobody is being lured to false promises and find themselves drowning in the river of life.

Instead, what Sirens, the documentary by filmmaker Rita Baghdadi, presents is the daily struggles of the five women in Beirut, Lebanon. They all want to be musicians. This microcosm that exists here does not understand what heavy metal is about. As this country’s first all-girl band struggling against its natural conservative norms, I was not only curious in what this work will explore but also wanted to hear this band sing. Also, it’s rare to get a look at what the rock n’ roll scene is like in the the Middle East.

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