The Bad Guys are Wild and Crazy!

The Bad Guys Movie PosterSomeone wants to bust out DreamWorks Animation‘s The Bad Guys from jail. This animated film continues one of this studio’s goals of adapting wildly successful children’s novels to film, and Aaron Blabey‘s original work is well worth investigating after seeing this cinematic adaptation. They may explain the finer points of why these rowdy masters of crime have turned good. There’s fifteen books to show why!

Not even Michael Jackson can sing the praises of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, maybe. That‘s due to Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell) seeing the light. This film might as well be a behavioural study of more than just one criminal. This leading character comes from the Canis genus. As most dog owners know, when their beloved pet wags their tail, they’re very appreciative of the attention they’re getting. When Mr. Wolf finds his own tail acting on its own rather than crooked, we get a wonderful look at why doing good deeds matter. No matter how hard he tries to disguise his gang’s actions as being bad, there’s a measure of good intent nestled in all their actions.

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Wind Up Geek’s Top Ten Takedown – Fan Films/Series

I already knew what my favourite fan films were but I needed to broaden my horizon.

In the past decade I’ve come to love fan films for what they are: shoe string budget movies made by people with big hearts for pop/geek culture. Gone are the days where our projects created from scratch (Hardware Wars) or joke dubbed (Ranma⅓) were distributed via VHS/Beta tape. With the  Internet era, it has brought to millions of us who speak Geekese, or if you will in Geekidiom, a whole new stage to show something cool to the world. Now we have places like Youtube and Vimeo to reach a much larger audience.
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