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Pokémon Shuffle Evolves with a New Patch, Reviewed!

26 Mar

pokemon-shuffle-169By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Yes, I admit to having an obsession with Pokémon Shuffle. It’s colourful and cute. I play it far too many times during the day trying to catch that pesky Genesect. The many fauna created since this franchise’s inception just keeps growing and I have to wonder if the world is going to explode from overpopulation. The concept of gotta catch ’em all really works for this game because once a Pokémon is caught, he or she can be used to make an earlier stage feel like a breeze to S rank. That is, to defeat a certain number of moves.

The music is feel good and there’s a track which reminds me of Spongebob SquarePants. When I want to get silly and start surfing to find water Pokémon, I visit these stages to play again until all those levels are ranked. A new patch released early this week adds more goodness and enhancements to the game’s early stages less boring to play. There are goals to reach. With this update, a lot of information is presented. All the data now available to find can be overwhelming, but they are included to make both the 3DS and mobile version look the same. The data junkie in me approves.

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