Isetan To Host Lupin III Inspired Men’s Fashion

Lupin III, created by Monkey Punch, is based off the novels and short stories of Arsène Lupin that was written by Maurice Leblanc.

Lupin III Title CardIn the world of corporate business, looking good is not only a sign of success but an indication that one has very good taste. This is no different in the world of thieving. And if you are the grandson of the famous Arsène Lupin one mustn’t disappoint the family name.

This February, Isetan will be giving people the opportunity to not only see fashion designs based off the latest Lupin III animated series but have a chance to purchase the clothing. Isetan Shinjuku Store‘s seventh floor promotional hall will be hosting “Lupin III LUPINISSIMO IN ISETAN 2016” from February 3-8, 2016. Chief Director for Lupin III, Tomonaga Kazuhide, will be doing a talk for the event.
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