Isetan To Host Lupin III Inspired Men’s Fashion

Lupin III, created by Monkey Punch, is based off the novels and short stories of Arsène Lupin that was written by Maurice Leblanc.

Lupin III Title CardIn the world of corporate business, looking good is not only a sign of success but an indication that one has very good taste. This is no different in the world of thieving. And if you are the grandson of the famous Arsène Lupin one mustn’t disappoint the family name.

This February, Isetan will be giving people the opportunity to not only see fashion designs based off the latest Lupin III animated series but have a chance to purchase the clothing. Isetan Shinjuku Store‘s seventh floor promotional hall will be hosting “Lupin III LUPINISSIMO IN ISETAN 2016” from February 3-8, 2016. Chief Director for Lupin III, Tomonaga Kazuhide, will be doing a talk for the event.
Lupin III Live Actors

Lupin III Live Action Cover

Tailor & Cutter made-measure jacket (194,00yen) shirt (43,200yen) and pants (54,00yen)
Fairfax tie (10,800yen)
Buttero boots

Lupin III - Jigan irl

Lupin III - Jigan Costume

Tailor Caid jacket (205,200yen) shirt (43,200yen)
Fairfax tie (10,800yen)
Fukashiro tie tech (5,940yen)
Borsalino hat (51,840yen)
Buttero boots (69,120yen)

Lupin III - Inspector

Lupin III - Inspector Costume

Lid Tailor made-to-measure jacket (280,000yen), suit (356,400yen), shirt (4,300yen)
Franco Spada tie (9720yen)
Improvisation tie tack (4,212yen)
Tokio Hat (42,300 yen)
Buttero boots (68,040yen)

Lupin III - Goemon

Lupin III - Goemon Costume

Kisaburo coat (118,800yen_, kimono (64,800yen), umanohakama (97,200yen), cord (21,600yen)
Skadky under-collar (12,960yen)
Nodo88 Italian leather sandals (88,560yen)

Lupin III - Cast

Models by SAMUEL

During this event, the floor’s restaurant will be offering series inspired spaghetti dishes and cappuccinos.

Lupin III - Food

Lupin III - Smiling Back at Ya!

Did you know?

Isetan was started as a kimono shop by Tanji Kosuge I in 1886.

In the past Isetan has had agreements with such companies as Cardin, Balmain, Marks and Spencer, and Barney.

The first American clerk at Isetan’s Shinjuku Store was in 1961. The clerk was 15 year-old Nina Wallace, daughter of John Wallace, then a Far East sales representitive for United Airlines.

Lupin III, created by Monkey Punch, is based off the novels and short stories of Arsène Lupin that was written by Maurice Leblanc.

The Trailer for the 2014 Lupin III live action movie starring Shun Oguri, Meisa Kuroki, Gou Ayano, Tadanobu Asano, and Tetsuji Tamayama.

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