Monkey King Makes A New Journey West (for its US debut)


By Ed Sum  (The Vintage Tempest)

Now available to purchase on AmazonMonkey IKing

I suspect the reason why Jackie Chan is in the English dub of Monkey King: The Hero is Back is because he played the Monkey in the Kung Fu Panda movies. To have him play a similar role helps. Although Sun Wukong‘s (孙悟空) personality is a lot more conceited, this hero is respected throughout China. He’s kind of like Lucifer in the sense he’s rebellious. Just like the Morningstar, the reason he was cast out of Heaven by Buddha is because of his rambunctiousness; however, he has a chance at redemption. A handful of novels and legends chronicles various parts of Wukong’s life at becoming a champion for good.

After this film’s critical success in China last year, I wondered when this movie will make the ‘Journey to the West’ to reach English-speaking audiences. He’s expected to arrive at select cinemas July 28, 2016, and hitting video shelves August 30th.

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