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From Paperclips to Microchips, the new MacGyver is not a Game-changer

14 Oct


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

How can anyone decide to replace MacGyver, a television series and character that made Richard Dean Anderson famous? I loved the original series because his resourcefulness taught me more than a thing or two in how to make use of the most common items (to keep some of my old tech alive). Even when it no longer operates, I will take it apart and keep the screws, cogs and wheels to use elsewhere. The first three episodes certainly pays homage to moments I still recall from the original and captures the spirit — the action and voice-over — but to keep that enthusiasm week after week is tough. I’m watching, but I’m not always paying attention to every detail.

Lucas Till is the perfect choice to take on the mantle and he has that charm I recall from the original. But he does not hold a candle to Anderson and that nostalgia — to which may be the problem of this reboot. Instead of being new and original, it’s banking on the familiar. As with most shows developed these days, it’s also depending on sex appeal to get viewers attention.

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