Exploring South Asia’s Terrifying The Paranormal Zone, A DVD Review and Episode Guide

Li Kim is the hostess of the Malaysian program The Paranormal Zone, which is currently broadcasting on SyFy Asia.

The Paranormal Zone

Available to Stream (free) on YouTube

The realm of supernaturally charged themed television programs is often wrought with one huge problem: not a lot of production companies take the subject seriously. More networks prefer the shows they broadcast to over dramatize or simply tease at what could be than to study it from an anthropological point of view. Very few programs get academic in its approach and The Paranormal Zone is exceptional! This Malaysian produced program by Kechara (the production house) joins a very exclusive club of programs like Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World, In Search of … with Leonard Nimoy and Beyond the Series.

Not every detail can be fulfilled in the 24 minutes. Instead, this program provides an excellent primer so further study can be made later.

Li Kim is the hostess and her program is broadcasting on SyFy Asia. If this carrier network sounds surprising, I’m glad they don’t adhere to the shenanigans the US-based company plies with their State-side ghost shows. I have to wonder just how much grip the Asian executives have with this program because this gem really needs to be exported to the rest of the world. The respect it has towards Hindu, Malaysian, Buddhist and Taoist beliefs are touched upon in gentle ways. To see how they connect to spiritualism and folklore of South Asia makes this program an excellent watch.

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